A Partnership of Six Leading Health Systems

Granite Health is a partnership of six health systems in New Hampshire leading the transformation of health care delivery in the communities they serve. Catholic Medical Center, Concord Hospital, Exeter Health ResourcesLRGHealthcare, Southern New Hampshire Health, and Wentworth-Douglass Hospital are successfully collaborating and are committed to sharing resources to provide better, more seamless, and less expensive health care for patients. They are also committed to their charitable mission and together provide over $200 million dollars in community benefits every year.

With Granite Health’s significant scale and broad scope of services, we have established a patient-centered population health management program to improve care, enhance the patient experience, and decrease overall cost of care by practicing evidence-based medicine. Our approach includes:

  1. A sophisticated data driven strategy using claims and clinical information to identify populations in need of intervention and unexplained variation in utilization, cost, and quality across the system.
  2. Learning collaboratives and identification of best practices for care coordination and patient engagement.
  3. Evidence-based recommendations for clinical practice that target known gaps and unexplained variation in care.

Granite Health understands that it is a strategic and financial imperative to effectively manage population health during this time of significant transformation. Our plan for creating the premier value-based delivery system in New Hampshire is based on building a comprehensive population health management program, gaining meaningful operational efficiencies, and developing a new sustainable business model that leverages our scale and scope of services to successfully manage risk across populations.

Together, we have saved millions of dollars through joint contracts for shared reference lab services, blood and blood products, broker services for health and other benefits, and health information management services including education, medical record auditing, and computerized coding.

Additionally, given our scale and sophisticated population health management program, Granite Health members have built meaningful relationships with the payer community that promote our ability to provide highly coordinated care. Notably, Granite Health members entered into a first of its kind joint venture with Tufts Health Plan to form a New Hampshire based insurance company called Tufts Health Freedom Plan. Built on New Hampshire’s greatest strength of coming together to create innovative Granite State solutions, we have combined the clinical expertise from our premier value-based health care systems in New Hampshire with administrative efficiencies and product development expertise from one of the top rated health plans in the country to deliver quality care for patients, better health for communities, and lower growth in the cost of care.

Patients and their families are at the center of what we do as we work together to improve the value of health care in our communities and our region. We are always ready to serve you.


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