Together We Achieve More

Granite Health is a unique partnership that is transforming the delivery of health care in New Hampshire. With their significant scale and broad scope of services, the six health systems that make up Granite Health share a data driven population health management program and are gaining meaningful operational efficiencies by sharing best practices and participating in joint purchased service contracts. Our goal is to be the premier value-based provider system in the state.

Safer Care for Patients

Decreasing Avoidable Readmissions – Avoidable readmissions to the hospital represent a quality of care issue that may lead to unnecessary costs. Granite Health has been working with Chief Medical Officers from member health systems to encourage adoption of a common set of core principals and best practices for decreasing avoidable readmissions.

Quality Measures – Collectively, Granite Health providers consistently outperform the national and regional benchmarks for publicly reported process and outcome measures for congestive heart failure, community-acquired pneumonia, and surgical care infections.

Better Health for Our Communities

Population Health Management – Granite Health has built a robust population health management program that is focused on three main areas: analytics, care coordination, and clinical care. Using a sophisticated data analytic system, we identify areas of opportunity to improve care across all of our member health systems. System wide protocols include: the management and treatment of patients with chronic and persistent asthma, the management of patients with acute low back pain, and the identification and primary care treatment of patients with depression.

Patient Flow – A diverse and highly engaged group of leaders from across Granite Health have developed specific recommendations that have proven to be successful in managing the way patients are cared for in the emergency department and throughout the care process. The group identified four focus areas that will improve patient flow, satisfaction, and safety across Granite Health. These include rapid assessment and upfront sorting, bed management, bridge orders, and team based rounding, all of which will be implemented at each health system in 2016.

Cost Effective Care

Reference Lab – Granite Health has agreed to utilize the services of one common reference lab for those tests that are not performed onsite. This multi-year commitment will save millions of dollars across the system.

Health Benefits Broker – Granite Health uses the same broker to coordinate the purchase of health and other benefits for employees. This contract provides almost $2 million in annual savings.

Accountable Care – Granite Health has participated in an affordable care organization (ACO) arrangement with Cigna since July 2012. In its first three years Granite Health significantly outperformed the market for both cost and quality trend lines. Our success is attributed to a multi-faceted population health management program and the major commitment of our executive and clinical leadership groups.