Care Coordination

Shared Strategies for Better Health Outcomes

Granite Health has brought together a collaborative learning network of leaders that helps our providers deliver the highest quality and most cost effective care coordination program to our community. A group of care coordination leaders, representing each of our member health systems, meet regularly to learn from each other, and outside experts, to continuously improve our existing programs. The group works to understand existing best practices and develops plans to implement them within each health system.

Additionally, Granite Health provides insight into medical management services by helping to facilitate the smooth transition of care in the inpatient and outpatient settings, identifying and closing care gaps, and providing focused recommendations for treating chronic conditions. Collectively, we consistently outperform national and regional benchmarks for publicly reported measures for congestive heart failure, community-acquired pneumonia, and surgical care infections.

Lastly, Granite Health and Tufts Health Freedom Plan are creating shared work-flows, care processes, and communication channels, so Tufts Health Freedom Plan members receive streamlined care coordination services across the state.