Population Health

Population Health Management: Evidence based. Data driven.

stock-photo-11900247-young-family-riding-bikes-in-parkPopulation health management at Granite Health is focused on three main areas: analytics, care coordination, and clinical care. Through data and analytics, we identify areas of opportunities to increase quality, provide a great patient experience, and continually improve the health of the patients that we serve.

Because of the size and location of our member health systems, we are able to gain valuable insights on the populations we serve, identify care gaps, and develop solutions to provide the highest quality and most effective care. This includes paying special attention to those patients with chronic conditions. Keeping these patients engaged with their providers prevents unnecessary visits to the emergency department or hospital, and helps maintain a higher quality of life.

Population health using data driven techniques is becoming increasingly important in the delivery of health care and Granite Health is at the forefront of embracing these effective tools to better serve our communities. Our board is committed to making Granite Health the premier health system in the state. Successfully applying population health techniques, while engaging patients in their care, is key to our success.