Tufts Health Freedom Plan


Teaming Up to Form Tufts Health Freedom Plan

A first of its kind joint venture in New Hampshire between Granite Health and Tufts Health Plan, Tufts Health Freedom Plan provides residents of New Hampshire with highly coordinated cost effective health care coverage. Built on New Hampshire’s greatest strength of coming together to create innovative Granite State solutions, we have combined the clinical expertise from our premier value-based health care systems in New Hampshire with administrative efficiencies and product development expertise from one of the top ranked health insurance plans in the country to deliver quality care for patients, better health for communities, and lower growth in the cost of care.

Quality Care For Patients

Our partnership with Tufts Health Plan provides members of Tufts Health Freedom Plan with access to superior, highly coordinated care. Together we embrace innovative solutions and work collaboratively to ensure that our members have access to comprehensive services from a wide range of value-based providers across the state and well know providers in Massachusetts.

Better Health For Communities

Local providers understand the needs of New Hampshire’s families and are best equipped to determine the most effective way to address the health care needs within our communities. By adopting a shared data driven population health management program that establishes common analytics across our health systems, we have outperformed many national and regional benchmarks for process and outcome measures.

Lower Growth in Cost Of Care

Tufts Health Freedom Plan is designed to provide consumers with highly coordinated and cost-effective health care coverage. This means we find the most efficient ways to deliver care without compromising quality. Likewise, by partnering to form Tufts Health Freedom Plan we are able to offer an array of wellness-focused health products which provide our members with the resources they need to stay healthy.